Welcome to Fika Club

Welcome to Fika Club!

Introducing our updated app, inspired by the cherished Swedish tradition of Fika. Download Fika Club, sign up, and get ready for great offers and all sorts of fun stuff. In the Fika Club, you get to choose your rewards and enjoy your fika moments just the way you like them!

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As a member of Fika Club, you:

Receive plenty of personalized offers, and a free drink on your birthday!
Collect Fika points when you shop, top up, or complete Fika Fun challenges
Use your Fika Points in the Fika House and choose the rewards you want
Preorder in the app and skip the queue!

Names you need to know

How to earn and redeem Fika Points?

There are 3 different ways you can earn Fika Points:

Purchase - For every 50 kr spent on the same receipt, you will earn 1 Fika Point.

Top up through the app - For every 100 kr you top up using our in-app service, you will earn 3 Fika Points. 300 kr top up gets you 10 Fika Points, and 500 kr top up will get you 20 Fika Points. Top up at the counter applies to Purchase conditions.

Complete Fika Fun challenges - You earn Fika Points when you complete different challenges. Check out our Fika Fun challenges in the app now!

Into a Focaccia, Fika or Frapino?

With Fika Points, you can choose your reward in Fika House and redeem your reward at your favorite Espresso House! Follow the steps below.

Steps to redeem in Fika House

Got questions?

We have got the answers for you! Find answers to our most asked questions in the Help Center.