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Please scroll down to find info about the app update.

You favourite drink free

The more you visit us, the more offers and gifts you get ! You collect one punch each time you do a purchase, and then you get each 10th drink for free. You choose how you want to pay, either with the app or with bank card.

Better deals

We are focusing more on personal offers. You will get quick tip and deals on what you like, and now you can pay which way you want.

10 % discount

Just as before, you get 10% off your purchase when you deposit money and pay with your app. To use this benefit, you must deposit at least 30 €.

Connect My Espresso House to your bank card

If you want to become a member, but don’t have the app – then you can connect your membership to your bank card. You can easily do the connection in one of our coffee shops. Our baristas will be able to see your offers and gift in the cash register.

This is how you use an offer:


  • 1.Activate the offer
  • 2.Scan the app
  • 3.Choose payment method

Bank card

  • 1.Insert your bank card into the card terminal.
  • 2.Ask the Baristas what offers you have.
  • 3.Choose payment method .


Do you have questions about My Espresso House or your membership?
Scroll down this page and we have most of the answers for you.

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, then you are welcome to contact our guest support at

Frequently asked questions

My Espresso House and latest update of the app

We are updating our app!

Due to the high pressure caused by the update, the app had some problems. Though they shouldn’t affect your Coffee Card money or your possibility to shop with the app. Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers:

  • My gifts are gone?
    – You will of course get your gifts back. We will notify you with a push message when they are back.
  • Before, I got 20% off take away, but now I call see if I have the discount or not?
    You still have the same discount as you did before the update. Though, it’s not communicated in the app just yet.
  • I can’t register as a student?
    You will be able to do this soon.
  • I can’t see my Coffee Card balance?
    – The money is on your Coffee Card, and the barista will be able to see your balance though the cash register.

We are working very hard to make the app stabile again.

We hope you found your answer and its answer on this page, if not, contact our support.  

Why have you removed the gold level?
We asked you guests what you thought about the gold level. The majority answered that they didn’t think the gold level was premiering the most loyal guests in a good way. Therefore, we changed the concept, so now you get more offers and gifts the more you visit us.

What do I get when my stamp card is full? 

You will get your favourite drink from the menu, for free!
Why have you changed the lowest level for Coffee Card top up to 30 €? 
In our old app, you had to pay with Coffee Card money to be able to use offers. For years, you guests have asked for a solution where you instead could have the option to choose your way of payment. So, we listened, and now you don’t have to pay with deposited Coffee Card money to use offers or to collect stamps. You can get 10 % in addition to this, but then you have to deposit at least 30 €.

Why have you removed the top-up bonus? 

Because we have introduced our stamp card, where you get your favourite drink for free after 9 stamps. This will be a better deal for you in the long run.
Before, I got 20 % on take away, but now the app doesn’t say that I have that anymore. Is it removed?
Some of our guests have other types of discounts than the normal 10 %, if they top up with at least 30 €. You will still have the same discount as you had before. We just haven’t communicated that in the app just jet.

Why isn’t the barcode (the thing I scan) on the start page?

It’s there! But it’s hiding a bit. Just tilt you phone forward, or turn it upside down, and it will appear.
Why can’t I register as a student? (Swedish users only)
The registration will be in place soon!
Where are my gifts?
Your gifts will be in place soon. We have to do a manual transfer from the “old” app to this updated app. It could take a day or two. But if you are still missing a gift, please contact our support.

Do I receive offers and can I collect stamps when I pay with the physical Coffee Card?
If you only have the physical Coffee Card, then you are not a member of My Espresso House. You can only identify as a member by scanning the app, or using you bank card that is connected to My Espresso House.

How do I connect my bank card to My Espresso House?

Visit one of our Coffee Shops and ask our baristas and they will help you.

Will my bank card be connected to My Espresso House if I just register my bank card in the app? 

We are working on that solution right now! But for now, you can only connect you bank card to My Espresso House through one of our cash registers.

Will the Espresso House app work on all types of smartphones?

No, unfortunately the app will not work on older smartphones. Since there are so many phones in the market, we won’t specify what phones it will work for and not work for. But a good start for you is to make sure you got the latest update on your phone. If it still doesn’t work, or just look strange (ex. some views don’t fit the frame), get in touch with our support and we will look into it.

Why should I register my email address?
If you register your email address, we can recreate you Coffee Card if you, for example, change phone number. We can also inform you regarding important changes and you might be invited to answer member surveys.

How do I send a gift to someone that doesn’t have the app?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to send a gift to someone who doesn’t have the app today. We are working on that solution and it should work soon. The solution right now is to ask the one you want to send the gift to, to first download the app and become a member, and then send the gift.

Why am I unable to register my bank card in the app?
You can only register Visa or MasterCard’s. You card needs to accept international payments as well as online payments. You card needs to be valid for more than 6 months ahead. If you happened to put in wrong information when registering, then your card could have been inactivated in our systems. Then you have to contact to activate it again.

Is it safe to register my bank card in the app?
Yes! No credit card details are saved in the app – your details are saved through an encrypted link to a safe server, certified by Visa and MasterCard. When you top up your Coffee Card with your bank card we only send a reference-ID to follow though the transaction.

Why am I unable to top up my Coffee Card?
You must first have a registered bank card in your app. The card has to be a Visa or a MasterCard. Your card needs to accept international payments as well as online payments. The card needs to be valid for more than 6 months ahead. Your card could have been stopped in Espresso House internal safety checks and your app has therefore been deactivated. Then you have to contact our support to reactive it again.

Why isn’t my Coffee Card balance correct?
The likely reason is that your phone hasn’t had connection to internet and been able to synchronize with your latest purchase. Before you contact support, please check that your internet is working and then restart your app. A restart reloades your balance.

Why has my Coffee Card balance disappeared?
If you balance has disappeared it’s probably because you have changed your phone number. You balance is connected to your phone number, and when you change your number – a new membership number is generated with a zero balance. If you need to merge you balances or transfer membership numbers, please contact support.

I used an offer, but it didn’t go though. Why?
If you used the app:
 Please double check that you had activated the offer you liked to use in you app by pressing “Use” before you scan. Also make sure that the product you ordered was valid for the offer you choose, that you did the purchase during the valid period of time, and that you did the purchase in the shop/country that the offer was valid in. Also check you had internet on your phone when you used the offer. If you used Espresso House Wifi, don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions to make the internet work properly.

If you used your bank card connected to My Espresso House: 
You can only connect your bank card to My Espresso House in one of our shops. If it’s connected correctly, then the Barista will be able to see your offers in the cash register and activate the offers for you. If that doesn’t work, double check with the Barista what offer he/she did active. Then contact support with the following information:

If you contact support, please give them the following information:
– What shop did you visit?
– What product did you order? Small or big?
– What offer did you use?

Student (Swedish users only)

NOTE! Due to our latest update, you will not be able to register as a student right now. But we are work very hard on getting that registration back.

How do I register as a student? (Swedish users only)
When you register as a student you get 20 % off your purchase when you choose take away. To get the discount you have to download our app and register your Mecenat card in our app and pay with deposited Coffee Card money. Lowes top up limit is 30 €.

My student discount has disappeared but I’m still a student. Why? (Swedish users only)
If your Mecenat card is no longer valid, you have to reregister. The cards that are not valid will be deregistered automatically. Log into Mecenat to make sure that you are still registered as a student – then contact our support that will help you with your registration.
I have registerd as a student, but it doesn’t show in the app. Why? (Swedish users only)
The reason is probably that it takes up to 24 hours before the student discount becomes valid.