Coffee Shop Manager   

What is it like?

Do you want something more challenging?
How about the full responsibility for your own Coffee Shop and your team?


Meet Renée

Coffee Shop Manager in Falkenberg, Sweden

Coffee Shop Manager

What made you choose Espresso House?

- I chose Espresso House because I as a guest always felt very welcomed and loved the wonderful environment. The main reasons why I have chosen to stay this long, is the opportunity to develop within the company and the fact that I learn new things in my daily work.

What have you learned while working with us?

- I have learned to work more structured as a leader, to understand the importance of planning and working according to set goals.

What is best about working at Espresso House?

- The best thing about working at Espresso House is that no days are the same and that I get to meet each guest every day with a smile that hopefully makes her/his day better. As well as working together as a team to achieve goals and to create a successful Coffee Shop.

Develop yourself, your team and your Coffee Shop

Together with your Baristas, Hosts, Shift Leaders and Assistant Manager you will run the daily business according to our values and culture. In the role you will have a unique opportunity to develop yourself, your team and your leadership skills every day. The role includes responsibility for tasks such as supporting your team members, onboarding of new hires, and ensuring good and safe work environment.

Hi colleague!

A Coffee Shop Manager spends most of the time in the Coffee Shop with his/her colleagues. Internal communication will be a natural and big part of your job. You will manage communication both face to face when working with your team on a daily basis, and on our digital platform Workplace by Facebook.


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If you want to delve deeper into the art of coffee or develop your leadership skills, we have several training courses in coffee and leadership.

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