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Let us help you with your event! Meeting, breakfast, fika or lunch? Place your order before 12.00 and we’ll be there the day after, with all the delicious things you can wish for.

What do we offer?

Our Catering Menu


2 breakfast items 65 kr

3 breakfast items 82 kr

4 breakfast items 95 kr

Breakfast Sandwich 42 kr

Yogurt 39 kr

Juice 37 kr

Smoothie 42 kr

Scone/ Ginger shot/ 3-in-1 shot 27 kr

Breakfast Combo at Espresso House

Lunch Combo

Cold beverages included. Choose from: Ramlösa, Imsdal, Pepsi or carbonated fruit drink.

Veggiebowl - 82 kr

Grilled Baguette - 95 kr

Wrap - 99 kr

Salad - 115 kr

Espresso House Ceaesar Sallad


Bulle/ Muffin - 37 kr

Half Baked Choco Caramel Muffin - 41 kr

Sticky Caramel Dream - 23 kr

Chokladboll - 35 kr

Raw DIG Chokladboll - 25 kr

Cookie Havre & Choklad/ Cookie Mörk Choklad - 33 kr

Blueberry Pie - 46 kr

Blueberry Pie at Espresso House

Bun Package & Other drinks

5 Buns - 169 kr

10 Buns - 330 kr

15 Buns - 480 kr

Carbonated fruit drink - 27 kr

Thermos coffee - 199 kr

For 14 people. Choose between Tea or Coffee. Milk, sugar, cups and napkin are included.

Kanelbulle at Espresso House

Steps to order

Email to receive an invoice application
Pick your favorite catering products
Wait for the arrival of all the delicious things

Become our Business Card Customer

We offer Business Cards for companies and it allows you to collect all monthly purchases into a single invoice. Business Card holders can order directly at any of our Coffee Shops without pre-ordering.

Contact the team

Catering Sales Manager

Anette Hellqvist 070-294 93 50

Catering Sales Representative

Johanna Tångne 076-495 54 52

We are looking forward to helping you with catering orders, gift cards, or addressing any questions you may have!

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