Good food – for everyone.

If you ever visited any of our shops, you’ve probably noticed that we offer a wide range of yummy stuff. Our promise to you, is high quality in a sustainable way. To do that, we only work with suppliers that we can trust. It’s people that are passionate (like us) that help us serve delicious food. The heart of all the tasty bread and pastries that we serve, is the people in our own bakery in Sweden.

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50% plant-based

We believe in making delicious things and for us, taste always comes first. It’s that simple: if it’s not yummy, it’s not on our menu. But we also believe in free choices and to be able to choose, there must be options. We want these options to be good for you and the environment, encouraging you to make good choices. In 2022, we reached our goal of having 50% of our menu as a plant-based alternative.


Our Bakery

Our dedicated team at our bakery in Malmö puts their long-year experience, know-how and a genuine passion for their craftmanship into all the wonderful bread and pastries that we serve at our shops.



Craving for a creamy yoghurt with home-made Granola? How about a fresh Salad Bowl or a delicious bagel? We prepare all our food directly in the Coffee Shop. Welcome in for a breakfast, lunch or a tasty snack!

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Our suppliers

Our promise to you, is high quality in a sustainable way. To be able to keep that promise, we select our suppliers with great care. They are devoted people (or perhaps passionate, like us). Take for instance the Dear Tea Society from where we source our tea and of course our local milk suppliers.

European Chicken Commitment

As part of our ambition to offer our guests a good dining experience, we have decided to partner with European Chicken Commitment by 2026. This applies to all the chicken we serve. In addition, at least 20% of all chicken we serve in 2026 will come from outdoor environments. We want the animals to have had the best possible experience and that is why we have chosen to work with the European Chicken Commitment.