What we promise

What do we mean when we say Tomorrow Friendly? We could talk about this for hours (and yes, we do elaborate this quite a bit further down…) But it’s actually not complicated at all. We promise to always improve. Stuff we do might be great today, but tomorrow we’ll do it even better. Because there’s always room for improvement.

From crop to cup

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Planet collage

Our Coffee Origins

We source the majority of our world-class coffee from South and Central America. However, when we come across fantastic beans from either Africa or Asia, you might have a chance to enjoy them as a Seasonal Brew on our menu, too!

Our own roastery

Take a look "behind the beans" at our coffee roastery in Sweden.

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Let’s talk about climate impact

In our business activities and choices we make across the value chain, we know we always have an impact on the planet. What we can measure, we can manage, and therefore our first step has been to measure the climate impact of our value chain. Read about our climate footprint in our sustainability report.

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Let's talk about climate impact

Goals for plastics reduction, by 2025

reduction of fossil-based virgin plastics in our primary packaging
average recycled content in our primary plastics packaging
of our Take Away drinks served in reusables

Bye bye, plastic!

Since 2018 we have reduced our serving methods using plastic with 47%.

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Let's talk about climate impact

Reduce, Replace, Reuse: Repeat!

Being a company using disposable materials, let’s always do what we can to find better solutions, materials and innovations.

Food rescue

Zero food should go to waste.

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Let's talk about climate impact

We have reached our goal!

of our assortment is available as plant-based.

From plant to plate

We focus on sustainable, high-quality products.

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Our bakery!

Here we create the recipes and bake our own high-quality bread and pastries to our coffee shops. Our bakery is located in Arlöv, Sweden, it holds 7200 square meters and is run by a group of 60 engaged colleagues. We continuously evaluate the challenges and opportunities in its operations from a sustainability perspective.

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Our Sustainability Report

During 2023, we've taken significant steps toward a greener, more responsible future for our people, guests, and the planet. This includes:

  • Brewing our employees’ future
  • Providing meaningful fika moments for our guests and local communities
  • Promoting ethical sourcing through our partnership with Enveritas
  • Expanding our plant-based offerings and reducing production scrap
  • Reducing our single-use plastic for both cups and food containers

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