What is it like?

Your knowledge of coffee, its history and of course, the craft of making the perfect Caffè Latte and Cappuccino will be developed behind the bar. Sounds like fun? Come on, join us!

Barista, what is it like?

Meet Elinor

Barista in Varberg, Sweden


What are your everyday tasks?

- My work includes preparing our wonderful beverages and sandwiches, giving the best possible service to our guests and making sure everything looks great at the Coffee Shop. This alongside maintaining a cheerful working environment for all colleagues.

Why did you choose Espresso House?

- I’ve already loved Espresso House and its aesthetic when I was a guest. The Baristas were always smiling and made sure that I felt taken care of. I wanted to become one of the team and make the guests feel welcome, just as I did as a guest myself. I love serving people! Until today, I stay at Espresso House for the same reason as why I chose to start working here in the first place. And Espresso House offers so much more to me. I could move to a different city, or even a different country, and I would already have a job! Espresso House also offers great opportunities for my career. Who knows what the future holds!

When was the last time you were laughing at work?

- I always laugh with my colleagues at work because we are an awesome team and we thrive alongside each other.

Can you describe Espresso House with one word?

- This is a hard question, but “passion” is a good fit. Espresso House is passionate about coffee and about making sure that everyone is happy at work. Espresso House is passionate about giving our guests the best possible service and maintaining a clean and safe workplace. But then, of course, the word ”coffee” would be a good fit to describe us as well!

If you got the will, we got the knowledge

All Baristas will be trained and educated in the Coffee Shop with our introduction program. You will also participate in Espresso House Academy, where you will learn all about coffee, from crop to cup. After passing the Academy successfully, you will be certified as a Barista.

Want more?

If you want to delve deeper into the art of coffee or develop your leadership skills, we have several further training courses within coffee and leadership.

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