Food Rescue   

Zero food should go to waste

A global issue

Food waste is a huge global problem that has substantial environmental, social and economic consequences. It’s estimated that up to a third of all food that is produced for human consumption is lost or wasted. That’s unacceptable!

Finding solutions

We understand the scale of the issue related to food waste and we acknowledge our responsibility to find solutions to reverse this trend. Therefore, we work towards preventing and minimizing food waste in our operations. The best way is to start from the beginning and avoiding food waste in the first place. We do that by precise inventory and preparation planning as well as working to ensure freshness and quality of the products.

Our food rescue partners

Since 2018 we have partnered up with leading food rescue application services. In Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany we work with Too Good To Go. In Finland we collaborate with ResQClub. Through these apps we are able to sell good surplus food, that would otherwise have been thrown away. That feels amazing.

Food rescue partners

The amount of food rescued in CO2 emissions during 2020 - 2022

tons CO2
tons CO2
tons of CO2


In 2021 Espresso House Sweden received the second award for being the ´Food savers of the year´ in the category Enterprise with the motivation “To those of you who are leading the way by saving as much food as you can. Thank you for your hard work to ensure that no food is thrown away, you are well worth the win!".

Zero food to waste

Proper waste management plays an important role in ensuring a sustainable society and the protection of the environment that we depend on. Read more about our waste management in our sustainability report