Master Barista   

What is it like?

In addition to creating an exceptional coffee experience to all guests, as a Master Barista you are also a coffee expert with a special responsibility for training new employees in service and coffee quality.

Working as a Master Barista

Meet Henry

Master Barista in Linköping, Sweden

Master Barista

What made you choose Espresso House?

- My interest in coffee made me curious about working as a Barista. I myself was inspired by a Barista in my hometown, so I already knew then I wanted to try it out. I’ve made many friends and got to be a part of a team where we could grow together and develop as individuals. The great communication between Baristas, all kinds of managers as well as headoffice makes me content to stay in this company. I feel seen and we are given opportunities to challenge ourselves and grow. I’ve gained an incredible amount of confidence because of this and I’m very thankful for continuing to fight when it’s been tough - it has made me stronger and sure has been profitable.

What have you learned while working with us?

- There are plenty of things I’ve learned while working in this business. I’ve learned to tolerate and work effectively with stress which I found very important and necessary to self-growth. I’ve learned to challenge my limits and extend them further. Besides all that, thanks to the opportunities I’ve gotten, I’ve also learned the art behind coffee which is what I’m most passioned about.

What is the best about working at Espresso House?

- The highlight of my job is developing and building a stronger me. I get to accept and move on if there’s an obstacle instead of going back and giving up – because the show must go on. I’ve made many friends while working here and creating a bond with them it has made a very effective performance together behind the bar. I get to witness my colleagues develop and become more confident in themselves too and that’s very beautiful. Therefore, the best thing about working at Espresso House for me is development, opportunities, and since I’m a Master Barista I’m obliged to mention… coffee!

Self-development and developing others

You will belong to a Coffee Shop, but you will also be working as a Coffee Trainer in several Coffee Shops, in an area assigned to you. Together with your Coffee Shop Managers, you are responsible for the baristas in your area. Developing their role as coffee ambassadors and strengthening their professions.

Master Barista Academy

You can become a Master Barista through our Master Barista Academy course. You'll learn about the history of coffee, brewing chemistry, maintaining espresso machines and grinders and how to succeed as a Master Barista. Once you've completed the Master Barista Academy, you will be a certified Espresso House coffee expert and you will receive your very own black Master Barista uniform.

Master Barista Academy

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If you want to delve deeper into the art of coffee or develop your leadership skills, we have several further training courses in coffee and leadership.

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