Responsible sourcing   

It’s not only about great taste. Coffee quality is just as much about great relations with coffee farmers.

Responsible sourcing

We take on huge responsibility

And that’s ok, because we’ve got huge shoulders to rely on.

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Responsible sourcing

The quality

We never brag. But if we did, it would be about the quality of our coffee. Taste is something we take very seriously, and we would never serve something that’s not truly yummy. We source our coffee from different coffee regions around the world and then carefully roast it slowly in our own roastery in Länna, located just outside Sweden’s capital Stockholm.

The origin of our coffee

In 2022 Espresso House Group sourced coffee from eleven different countries, and we brewed over ten million cups of specialty graded drip coffee to our guests. To us coffee is not only about the perfectly brewed cup. It's just as much about the people who grow and nurture it, our coffee farmers.

Coffee farm
Did you know?
of our total coffee volumes have been verified by Enveritas

World-class taste

When it comes to coffee, we would never brew other than the best quality. Neither should you. That’s why we only serve Specialty Coffee from selected farms and cooperatives.

Specialty Coffee

And what is Specialty Coffee by the way?

The easiest way to explain: it’s great taste and best quality. Not only according to us that is, but according to an independent organization Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). They rate the coffee on a 1-100 scale, and to get the label Specialty Coffee you need to score at least 80 points. We are today one of the largest coffee shop brands to offer this high quality.
And yes, we’re so proud of that.

Top Specialty Grade Coffee

Jonas Hult

Green Coffee Buyer

"A fine coffee bean requires quality from many aspects; the crop and bean itself but also where it is cultivated and harvested as well as the standard and conditions of the coffee farm. We only purchase the so-called Specialty Coffee since it tastes so much better, and also, I am convinced Specialty Coffee is the way towards sustainable sourcing of coffee in the future."

Specialty Coffee
Product collage
We brewed over
million cups of specialty graded drip coffee to our guests during 2022 (that must mean you love coffee just as much as we do)
We sourced coffee from
different countries during 2022

Coffee verification program

We have a plan for how to work with responsible sourcing. This is a huge responsibility to take on, that we can’t handle alone.

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Responsible sourcing