A Home Barista’s dream…   

Our coffee beans

You can pick up our premium coffee beans at all our Coffee Shops as well as at some selected retail shops. These coffee bags feature the same varieties that we also serve in our Coffee Shops.

Espresso House Signature Espresso
Full-bodied and well-balanced espresso with sweet notes of chocolate, caramel and orange. Can you smell it?

Espresso House Signature Brew
A round coffee with a long taste and clear tones of chocolate, nuts and marzipan. Well, hello.

Our beans

Organic Tea

Are you a tea lover? This is for you: high-quality ecological tea pyramids from Dear Tea Society. If you don’t know them already, they are cultivated and carefully hand-picked teas at the finest plantations in the world. Not like the standard tea bag. No, this one is a pyramid and allows bigger leaves, herbs, and fruit bites to unfold an unforgettable taste experience inside your cup. Oh and one more thing, the pyramids are made from PLA, which is a plant-based and biodegradable material.

Ecological tea


Our Chai powder is a unique and authentic product with a genuine taste of its Indian origin. It's made of black tea and Indian spices including cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom.


Do yourself a flavor!

Grab a ready-to-drink cold coffee and enjoy a refreshing time-out with a chilled Caffè Latte! Together with the milk-experts at Valio, we have created three wonderful recipes that combine the irresistible taste of our coffee with cold refreshing milk. Our three flavors are Original, Caramel and Choco Mocha.

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