Our coffee

We are passionate about coffee!

Only the best

All the coffee we serve in our Coffee Shops has been labeled Specialty Coffee. And what does that mean? The short answer is that it’s simply world-class coffee… Keep on reading for the longer story.


Here’s the deal: we are really picky (or passionate as we prefer it) and would never brew other than the best quality. So, how great is it then? Well, we refer to the scale of the independent organization called Specialty Coffee Association. The more points, the more complexity in flavor and taste and the label “Specialty Coffee” is based on a score of at least 80 points. Our coffee always scores 80 points or more!

That makes us one of the largest coffee shop brands to offer this high quality.
That’s got to be passion, right?

World class coffee

Sustainable sourcing

We take responsibility for the full life-cycle of our coffee to contribute to a sustainable future. We maintain good relationships with our farmers and take great care of the conditions under which our coffee is growing.

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Seasonal Brew

Almost everything tastes better if it’s freshly harvested. That goes for coffee, too. And since the harvesting periods vary across different parts of the world, we roast freshly harvested coffee varieties from different origins all year round. Our rotating Seasonal Brews come from small, dedicated producers that put their heart, soul and expertise into growing fantastic coffees that deserve to reach your cup as fresh as possible.

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