From plant to plate

From plant to plate    

100% yummy, 50% plant-based

We believe in making delicious things. Taste always comes first, and it’s simple: if it’s not yummy, it’s not on our menu. We also believe in free choices. But to be able to choose, there must be options. We want them to be good for you and the environment, encouraging all of our guests to make good choices. By 2022, we have reached our goal that 50% of our menu should be available as a plant-based alternative.

Why plant-based?

A large amount of greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans comes from the agricultural food production and a great part of our own environmental impact comes from the products we serve in our coffeeshops. Despite having already reached our goal for 2022, we still strive to increase our plant-based options across all categories.


Staying curious

Our product department and bakery work continuously to innovate and renew the assortment, always with focus on our guests' expectations on sustainable, high quality and great tasting products. Throughout the past years we have seen an increased demand for plant-based. This can especially be seen in the alternatives to cow's milk for example. Just above 13% of all hot drinks were sold with plant-based alternatives in 2022, compared to 8% in 2019. The plant-based options include oat, soy and coconut milk with some variations between the countries.


We have during 2021 also been recognized for the work we do. The organization PlanteVekst ranked Espresso House at the top amongst coffee and bakery chains with best plant-based food and drinks assortment in both Norway and Denmark. An award that motivates us to inspire even more of our guests to try plant-based options.

Plant-based semla

*The % is based on the food and drinks that are plant-based and drinks that can be served plant-based as an option. ’Ready to drink’ assortment not included.