No one should feel lonely

“Our continuous goal is to always be an open and inclusive employer where everyone has the same opportunity to achieve their full potential, and to be accepted for exactly who they are. This will always be a priority for us” - Maria Flaig, Chief People Officer.

Cup Together

When people connect over a cup of coffee, magic happens.

For many of our employees, Espresso House has proved to be more than just a job. It has been a place to find friends for life, a place to laugh and to be yourself. We offer a work environment where you are included and seen, where you are part of a team working towards the same goals.

When we ask what the best thing about working at Espresso House is, we often get the same answer – the people. We hope we can make you feel like you belong, put a smile on someone’s face and maybe even be a part of someone finding a best friend.

With our initiative CupTogether that we started during 2021, we have launched a long-term commitment program to break taboos and fight loneliness in society.