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All coffee we serve in our Coffee Shops is called Specialty Coffee. But what is Specialty Coffee? The short answer is that it’s simply world-class coffee.

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World class coffee

It takes time –

but it's worth waiting for!

At our own roastery you find passionate and coffee loving people who believe in producing and serving the best coffee in the world. Call them Kings and Queens of coffee, if you like. Because the roasting of Specialty Coffee is an art that requires a high degree of knowledge and understanding.

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We're coming home!

At all our shops and at selected grocery stores in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, we offer a variety of whole and ground coffee, teas and chais…

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Products at home

Taste on demand

No time? No worries!

We collaborate with food delivery services to make sure that you can enjoy our products at the comfort of your home, whenever you want to.

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Taste on demand

Barista Stations

Did you know that there are many more Espresso Houses than meets the eye? We call them Barista Stations. They are run by top-notch fully automatic espresso machines, serving our world-class coffee at a great number of offices, gas stations, libraries, and universities across our markets. Wait… Does that mean you can have your own Barista Station at your job? YES, IT DOES.

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Barista station

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